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X-Men Orgins: Wolverine Review

April 2, 2009

I just check out the new exclusive X-men Origins movie, and for those who haven’t scene it yet..It’s definitely worth a look…This adaptation of the X- men story is the best so far. All the mysteries are finally revealed in this one as director Gaven Hood takes us on a ride thought the haunting and troubling past of Wolverine, explaining everything from his solid antemium core to the origins of his name, and even his unexplainable memory loss. As if answering all the cliffhanging questions about Wolverine wasn’t enough, Hood managed to intertwine the past of Wolverine with that of other mutants such as Sabertooth, Gambit, Night Crawler, Deadpool, Beak, Blob, and even Cyclops.

In the movie, Wolverine is living life as regular as possible despite his mutant abnormalities. Along side his brother (Victor Creed) Wolverine leaves the protection of his family and home to life a better life more suitable for people of their kind, a life of blood and killing. Wolverine and brother, both having similar mutant powers, place their slash marks through out history as they fought in countless wars, spilling blood from The Civil War to the second World War. But even war couldn’t keep the animals roaming inside them contained, eventually they were recruited by a special military operation headed by William Stryker, that required the special abilities of certain mutants. Warn out by all the killing and bloodshed Wolverine gives up his life of violence to live out his days in a more peaceful way. Unaware of his girlfriends telepathic ability, he was manipulated into participating in a program called Mutant X program. A program designed to genetically produce a mutants with multiple strengths but none of the personality weaknesses, the perfect solider to combat the mutant infestation.

X-men Origins: Wolverine is the complete package have equally impressive acting and CG effects. Even the supporting actors played there role like they were trying to win oscars. The cast includes actors: Hugh Jackman , Will i Am, Ryan Reynolds, Liev Schreiber, Lynn Collins, Taylor Kitsch, Daniel Henny, Kevin Durand and more. Overall, this movie is hands down is one of the best so far this year. X- men Origins is set to hit theaters May 1, 2009. Be sure to check it out.


Explicit Ills; Another Crash type movie

March 5, 2009

OK. I’m  a fan of movies with several interconnecting plots such as Crash, when there done right. Some directors  try to do to much and it could end up being more confusing than anything.

I checked out Explicit Ills and I would definitely recommend seeing  this one. Written and directed of Mark Webber, Explicit Ills follows 4 interconnecting  relationships that revolve around drugs, love, and money in Philadelphia. Staring in the film is Seven Pounds supporting actress Rosario Dawson. Warning this movie is sad as hell, so if your already in a depressed mood I would advise waiting until your life is going a little

Very good acting supported by 3 Academy awards this film is a must see. Here’s a short synopsis provided by Empire Movies:

explicit_illsThe film follows four inter-connecting stories revolving around love, drugs and poverty inPhiladelphia. Babo, an asthma ridden seven-year-old lives with his mother in the badlands of North Philly. His neighbor Demetri transforms himself into a well-read “smart” boy in order to get the girl. Michelle, a well-off art student is quick to fall into a drug induced love-affair with her dealer Jacob. Kaleef and Jill’s marriage is strained as they pursue their dreams of bringing “produce to the people” as their teenage son Heslin focuses on competing in the World’s Strongest Man competition. The lyrical and moving drama finds its core as all members come together in their fight for justice and self-discovery.


Friday the 13th for the millionth time

March 3, 2009

I just wanna say, I’m tired of seeing remakes of the Jason, Freddy, and Myers horror films. Everyone of the million remakes is nothing more than a exact replica of the the one before, no originality. So to Friday the 13th…I honesty don’t remember half of the movie, yea it was just that boring. I’m not even sure I made it through the movie. But i can tell you Jason fanatics that they stuck to the storyline. The actors did a good job serving their purpose but none gave a standout performance. Overall, this is a very bad horror film and deserves a 5 out of 10.



Taken…..took it all the way

February 27, 2009

I heard all the hype about Taken, so i had to check it out.  And honestly…it was pretty good. I have to give it two thumbs up. Liam Neeson delivered a stunning performance, as a former spy who has to save his daughter from forced prostitution on her trip to Paris. Great acting, great plot and storyline. Here’s a short synopsis of the film for your reading pleasure provided by IMDB.


The seventeen year-old Kim is the pride and joy of her father, the retired agent Bryan Mills that left the secret service to stay near Kim in California. Kim lives with her mother Lenore and her wealthy stepfather Stuart; she convinces the reluctant Bryan to sign an authorization to travel to Paris with her friend Amanda. When they arrive, they share a cab with the stranger Peter and Amanda tells to him that they are alone in Paris. When Bryan succeeds in contacting his daughter, she tells that criminals have just break in the spot and they are kidnapped by an Albanese gang of human trafficking. Bryan promises in the phone to kill the kidnapper of his daughter and immediately travels to Paris to find Kim and chase the criminals.

I would definitely recommend this movie, whether or not you like thrillers. This one is one for the collection.