Tim Burton moves from Halloween Town to the Wonderland

March 16, 2009

I have to give it to Disney, they zre making some serious moves. First they manage to take they manage to take on of the weirdest movies plot wise that they’ve ever made and managed to remake it with a real cast rather than animation. Then they add the weirdest possible movie director into it and threw in a couple of adult Disney stars. Creating an Alice in Wonderland remake worth a real cast that actually has potential.

Director Tim Burton has teamed up with Disney, yet again, to bring the movie world a non animated version of Alice in Wonderland. When  really think about it they’re a perfect match, if there is such a thing. As weird as Alice in Wonderland is,  Burton should have no  problem expressing the weirdness that seems to be the underlying theme in the movie. It’s almost like Alice popped a EX pill and went on a trip to Wonderland where the predominant authority figure comes from a deck of cards, there are striped cats running around, and a weird and be crazed old man who instantly gains the friendship of a girl after a strange ‘Tea Party’ with a rabbit that tells time. Sounds like a story from the Chronic tales if you ask me. But who am i to critique, lol. Anyhow I’m sure Tim wont have any problems inserting his stylish touch on this film,  seeing that I wouldn’t be surprised if he had the original idea for Alice in Wonderland.

Set to star in the film is none other than Burton’s favorite actor Johnny Depp and yet again to know ones surprise he has taken on the part of The Mad Hatter, also featuring in the film: Ann Hathaway (The White Queen), Mia Wasikowska (Alice), and Michael Sheen (White Rabbit).

Alice in Wonderland is set to release in the U.S. March 5, 2010. I never thought I would say this about an Alice in Wonderland film, but I really looking forward to this one. I’ll keep posting as more is released.




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