Saw 6….Amanda’s Back

March 24, 2009

The Saw franchise is back…Though everyone knew the fifth installment wouldn’t be the end of it…So just as everyone expected Twisted Pictures has called upon Mark Burg to bring us yet another installment of the saw film series, Saw 6.

Though they never managed to find a creative way to bring back Jigsaw, the minds at Twisted Pictures have brought about the return of Amanda. Amanda was Jigsaw’s egar suicidal apprentice  who assisted the elder mass murderer with in his twisted games. The writers behind Saw supposedly killed Amanda when she failed to realize that she wouldn’t go untested and didn’t follow the rules of the game. Now the reason I am somewhat skeptical to say her character is dead is because this is not some short-lived low budget film franchise, this is Saw and if Amanda really is set to return in the 6th installment then I’d be willing to bet that she was never killed from the start. Maybe even one of Jigsaw’s plan from beyond the crypt.

Shooting  for the 6th installment will begin March 30 and  is set for release on October 23. Set to direct is Kevin Gerutert and set to star Tobin Bell, Shawnee Smith and new actress and winner of Screaming Queens Tanedra Howard.


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  1. Damnz amanda is crazy 😛

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