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The Book Of Eli with Trailer

January 8, 2010


Two time Academy Award winning actor Denzel Washington is a man on fire in The Book Of Eli and from what I hear the 55 year old trained 4 months with martial art experts in preparation for the role. Washington will be playing a fearless and ruthless drifter Eli, who walks across the ruins of America in the in this post apocalyptic adventure. Armed with an arsenal of weapons ranging from a shotgun to a Samari sword Eli kills to protect what some would kill to have, a sacred book that holds the to saving mankind. Along side actors Mila Kunis and Gary Oldman, Washington anticipates the film will share with audiences the spiritual revolution they embarked as Eli embarrasses on his journey across a vile and cold world where one man stands fights not only to save mankind but to defend his virtue.


The Book of Eli is set to hit theaters January 15, 2010 be sure to check back for the review.

Click here to check out the trailer.