STAR TREK Gets Sued By Harlan Ellison

March 18, 2009

Harlan Ellison, a prolific writer who is know for his many astonishing  literary and television works mostly known for his work in the Star Trek series has attributed to his much achieved success. As of late he has been gaining a new found popularity in the  court room. Ellison sued Star Trek for creating alternate works based on his epic script The City on The Edge of Forever, undoubtedly the most acclaimed episode throughout the entire series.

According to Hardcore Nerdity:

Author and aging enfant terrible Harlan Ellison issued a typically amusing press release detailing a lawsuit he’s launched against Paramount regarding use of intellectual property deriving from his 1966 Star Trek script “The City on The Edge Of Forever”. Specifically a trilogy of Trek novels that use multiple elements of “City” as a springboard.

This is not the first time Ellison has film a lawsuit against a production studio, having sued Paramount as well as Warner Bros. before for various form of plagiarism. Honestly you can’t blame the guy, he should be entitled to portions of the revenue gained from his work. Despite minor personality problems he still has the accreditation for his work and should rightfully get rewarded for his efforts.

It just comes to show that the movie industry isn’t as glamorous as it has been deemed to be.  There are people out there that will try to screw you in so many ways it gets ridiculous….In the Wizzard’z opinion, Ellison has every right and reason to sue every time the break copyright laws. If no one takes a stand, then everyone loses out.


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