Dakota Fanning set to appear in New Moon

March 10, 2009

Finally confirmed, Dakota Fanning is set to join to cast of the Twilight squeal New Moon. Fanning is set to play Jane:

Jane is a younger member of the Italian “royal family” named the Volturi who maintain a permanent residence in Volterra, Tuscany, Italy. This group of vampires are very basically the police, they make sure that their kind is kept an absolute secret. Jane owns a formidable gift that frightens even the strongest of vampires, she can create the illusion of a pain second only to the fire of vampire venom coursing through your veins – excruciating pain that leaves anyone baring it collapsed on the floor. There is one exception to her wrath though, Isabella Swan. That fact infuriates Jane more than anything.


Personally we think that Dakota Fanning would make an excellent contribution to the crew. Think about it, she is already known for her roles in horror and thriller films such as Man on Fire and Hide and Seek. So a bloodsucking vampire who has the ability to create illusions of pain shouldn’t be too far of a stretch for the 14 year old phenom.

Even with the help of Dakota Fanning this movie won’t have much success if they don’t start filming soon. Set to relaease November 20, 2009, it’d probaly be a smart idea to get a move on if they don’t want to rush a highly anticipated film.


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