Star Trek??? Might be worth a look

March 6, 2009

I never thought I’d say this but i actually wanna see the new Star Trek movie. I have never in all my past been a Star Trek fan, quite frankly i couldn’t stand it. Despite the fact that i never completely finished  a Star Trek movie, I was skeptical about watching the trailer. But a bored college student has to find someway to occupy his time… Anyway I like the direction they took in this one, kind of a more up to date version, it looks like they twisted the plot up and actually made it interesting. So for the time being I guess I can finally say that I’m a Trekkie. Hopefully this movie isn’t a disappointment.


Set to star in the film are actors Chris Pine( Smoking Aces) and Eric Bana(Hulk and Troy)

eric_bana chris_pine_l

Check out the trailer:


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