Terminator Salvation

March 3, 2009

Now i know that we all thought that they would never make another Terminator film but they are and get this he’s still in it. Yea, the 61 year old governor will dress up yet again at hit the screen as the terminator for the 4th time in Terminator Salvation. Where does he find the time??? Lol. Well at least there interesting to watch. I suppose he’s no different than Sylvester Stallone in his Rocky and Rambo movies. Sometime you have to wonder when enough is enough. I for one don’t want to keep seeing action movies with actors that are a good fall away from having to have a walker. Lol, jk. I’m sure they both have a couple good action films left in them, just as I’m sure this next installment in Terminator will be a great film, i hope. With Christian Bale set to play John Connor I’m sure it won’t disappoint.

terminator1720 terminator-salvation-poster1

Terminator Salvation is set to hit theaters May 21 2009. Click here to watch trailer.

Source: The Movie Blog


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